Absence Makes...

Ouch. My sister just informed me that I haven't posted anything here in almost a month! That is unacceptable, I know. My only excuse is the plethora of Cambodian holdiays in the last two months-- a week for Khmer New Year, three days in May for the King's birthday, and then all the catch-up that time off implies. In any case, I'm still here, sweating and speaking a strange language. Along with other things.

One of those other things is regularly updating a site we've created for ESL volunteers this year. It's not as personal (or as much about me) as this blog, but it will provide some cultural info for those who are interested: www.eslcambodia.wordpress.com.

Until I can write a real update, I will leave you with a picture of the newest member of my family, in honor of my sister's (completely justified) nagging. This cutie pie is Tori, my niece. She's the reason I am fighting the urge to jump on a plane for a weekend visit.