The First

Obviously, there is something weird and foreign about writing thoughts to... no one, really. My hope is that this little piece of internet space will become a place for friends, family, supporters, and interested parties (read: strangers) to check in and experience a slice of who I am and what I am doing.

I am standing on a precipice of sorts; I am completing a life that is familiar and which I have become an expert at living. Five years ago, I was standing on a simliar cliff, looking out at the vast expanse that would become what I know now. On a visit to Southern California, I found a great deal of uncertainty, excitement, and calling. It's a little poetic and a lot frightening that I find myself here again. The stakes are a little higher this time; heading to another country and certainly a vastly different culture than anything I've known. I am full of that feeling in my stomach of fear, adrenaline, and joy that always comes when I contemplate jumping.

For today, though, some simple tasks await. But stick with me, folks, because the simple will become the complex, and also the ordinary. I'm looking toward a couple of years filled with uncertainty, excitement, and calling, and hoping to share just a bit about how that feels. Join me on the journey...